Aarhus is a very liveable mid-sized city on East Jutland in Denmark (map). It was recently mentioned in The GuardianLonely Planet, The New York Times (also here), and the National Geographic.

In 2017 Aarhus was the European Capital of Culture.

Aarhus’s main attractions include:

Aarhus offers good food (for the high- and low-browed): it has three restaurants with a Michelin star, a street food market and a central food market. There are many good restaurants throughout the city.

How to get here

  • Aarhus (AAR) has only a small airport; most international flights go through Copenhagen. There is a bus service between AAR and Aarhus which is coordinated with the flights (see here). The ride takes about 45 min. Note that taxis are very expensive in Denmark; the transfer is ca. 90 EUR (but there’s really no need).
  • There is another (slightly bigger) airport in Billund (with international connections mostly through Amsterdam and Frankfurt). There are bus and train connections to Aarhus every hour or so (see here). The ride takes about 1.5 hours.
  • Trains and buses between Copenhagen and Aarhus take about 3 hours (see here). There is also a bus service which connects via a ferry, if you fancy a boat ride (see here).