I’m Associate Professor of Philosophy of Science at the Centre for Science Studies, and affiliated with the Philosophy unit at Aarhus University in Denmark.

My research in general philosophy of science focuses on the theory-evidence relationship, theory choice, prediction, explanation, and discovery. I use the history of science and other empirical methods to complement the philosophical toolbox. My book Theoretical Virtues in Science: Uncovering Reality Through Theory (CUP, 2018) is a culmination of that work.

I can also have an interest in meta-philosophy both with regards to philosophy of science and other areas of philosophy. From 2016-2019, I was the PI of the research group on Intuitions in Science and Philosophy, which focused on the prima facie strange practice of using intuitive judgements as evidence. The edited volume Linguistic Intuitions: Evidence and Method (2020, OUP) was one of the outputs.

My PhD (in philosophy) is from the University of Leeds (2008). Prior to my appointment in Aarhus, I worked at the universities of Birmingham (UK), Stockholm, Konstanz, and Pittsburgh (as fellow at the Center for Philosophy of Science). I recently visited the Department of Philosophy at the UBC in Vancouver.